CISR is an Academic Initiative to Promote Indic Studies & Ancient Indian Knowledge System

Message from the Chairperson, Governing Council

Message from the Chairperson of Governing Council

We want each of our students to be a global citizen of the twenty-first century, ready to lead the world. In today’s modern society, universality, extensiveness of spirit, scientific attitude, and a spirit of inquiry are necessary. However, modernity does not imply abandoning your culture to follow the Western world; rather, modernity is when you advance with your culture and customs.

Thus, in order to preserve our culture, we have established the “Council of Indic Studies and Research” to promote Indic Studies through various programmes that will be held on a regular basis to support this endeavour. Through these projects, we hope to improve research quality and promote ancient languages that are on the verge of extinction.

– Prof. Ranjan Kumar Tripathi
Chairperson & President, Governing Council

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